SharpChess - C# Chess Game

If you're enjoying SharpChess, then perhaps $5 isn't a lot to ask? Thank you, Peter Hughes.


SharpChess is a free, open-source, computer application that enables you to play chess against the computer.

SharpChess also uses the Chess Engine Communication Protocol, and can therefore play against other chess engines using WinBoard or Arena. SharpChess has competed in computer vs. computer chess tournaments (WBEC and ChessWar). Developers are invited to participate in the open-source SharpChess project at GitHub to help improve SharpChess's chess-playing powers!

SharpChess has been wholly developed using the C# (C Sharp) programming language, and runs on Microsoft Windows and Mono.


A picture of the SharpChess main screen

Game features

Chess engine features

Programming features

I am very interested in hearing any feedback you may have about SharpChess: queries, bugs, enhancement ideas, or savegame files of any games you have played. Please contact me (Peter Hughes) at
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