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SharpChess also uses the Chess Engine Communication Protocol and can therefore play against other chess engines using WinBoard or Arena. SharpChess has competed in computer vs. computer chess tournaments WBEC and ChessWar. Developers are invited to participate in the SharpChess project at to help improve SharpChess's chess-playing powers! SharpChess has been wholly developed using the C# (C Sharp) programming language and runs on Microsoft Windows and Mono


Used by Microsoftas a benchmarking tool

20 Oct 2011 - I am proud to annouce that SharpChess is being used by Microsoft CLR JIT Team as a benchmarking tool to "drive/validate some future set of new JIT optimizations" in the DotNET framework! 10 July 2011 - Sharpchess(2) competes in the ChessWar Edition 8 Tournament where its ELO is rated at 1572.

13 Jan 2007 - SharpChess runs on Mono. See on the Mono website.

18 June - SharpChess gets a new website.


Game featuresPlay against computer opponent.

• Graphical chess board. • Helpful high-lighting of legal chess moves, when clicking on a piece. • Real-time chess clocks. • Move history displayed. • Undo/Redo moves. • Load/Save chess games during play. • Replay your saved games. • Paste FEN positions from the clipboard. • See real-time computer thinking. • Stalemate and three-move-repetition detection. • Flip board to play from black or white's perspective.

I always welcome new ideas for features and can be contacted by email at info@sharpchess.com


Programming features Check-out the programming websites in my LINKS section

A well-designed, and hopefully easy-to-understand, object-model that will enable other developers to quickly get involved in the project. • Find out more about chess programming at the excellent chessprogramming.wikispaces.com or http://chessprogramming.wikispaces.com/ I am very interested in hearing any feedback you may have about SharpChess: queries, bugs, enhancement ideas, or savegame files of any games you have played. Please email me (Peter Hughes) at me@peterhughes.org. p>


Below you will find links to Developer and Chess web sites. Enjoy!

Chess Programming Information. - In terms of computer chess programming websites, this man is God!
Simply the best and most complete beginners guide to chess programming I have found on the web.

FailSoft AlphaBeta Example
CS 180, February 2, 1999 - http://www.ics.uci.edu/~eppstein/180a/990202b.html

Comprehensive. Good coverage of bit boards.
Chess Programming Theory - http://www.frayn.net/beowulf/theory.html

Excellent series of articles:
Chess Programming Part I: Getting Started- http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1014.asp

Chess Programming Part II: Data Structures - http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1046.asp

Chess Programming Part III: Move Generation - http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1126.asp

Chess Programming Part IV: Basic Search - http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1171.asp

Chess Programming Part V: Advanced Search - http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1197.asp

Chess Programming Part VI: Evaluation Functions - http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1208.asp

G13GAM -- Game Theory -- computer chess notes - http://www.maths.nott.ac.uk/personal/anw/G13GT1/compch.html#quies]

Good list of tips.
Chess Tips: Pieces - http://chess.about.com/library/weekly/aa04d24.htm

programmersheaven.com - Free sourcecode - http://www.programmersheaven.com/
c-sharpcorner.com - C#.NET, .NET Developer's Network - http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/
csharp-source.net - Open Source Software in C# - http://csharp-source.net/

Download Sharpchess

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GNU Generic Public License
SharpChess is licensed under the GNU General Public License
SharpChess is licensed under the GNU General Public License

Commercial License
If you want to make money from SharpChess, then you are welcome to do so, however, 30% of your profits must be dontated to the SharpChess project. Or we can discuss a one-off payment. You may make payments via the "Make A Dontation" feature found on the left-hand-side of this website.

If you are enjoying SharpChess, and wish to "give something back", then please you the Make Donation, on the left of this page, to do so. All contributions are greatly appreciated, and inspire me to continue developing and enhancing SharpChess.
Below is a list of sponsors who have kindly made a donation to the SharpChess project. I would like to extend my grateful thanks to them for their kind contributions.
Many thanks
Peter Hughes

Sponsors - R. Shilling & Praveen Tandra

technical details

Below a few details for my fellow programmers. Don't forget to email me with your comments!

Flow charts - Sharp chess


Graffiti Art in Blackpool - the free iBook

Dreamstime photos royalty free

Contact & Feedback !

I am very interested in hearing any feedback you may have on SharpChess: Queries, Bugs, Enhancement ideas, Savegame files of any games you have played.

If you wish to report a bug, then please try to include the following useful information:The version of SharpChess you're using. You can find this by clicking the Help menu, then choosing the About option.

The version of Microsoft Windows(tm) you're using SharpChess on. i.e. 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc...

Copy and paste the bug error information. If you click the "Detail" button when an error box appears, you see some further detail about the error that occured. This is extremely useful information to help me fix errors. Copy the entire text, and paste it here, or in an email to me.Tell me what the last button you pressed, or action(s) you performed, was just before the error occured. Even better, if you can get it to happen more than once, then tell me the sequence of actions needed to reproduce the bug. This gives me some idea of how to re-create the error, so that I can then reproduce it myself, and then start to investigate it more quickly. There's nothing worse than getting an error report that says "It just crashed. Please fix!"A picture says a thousand words. Get a screenshot of the error, by pressing the "Print Scrn" key, and send it me in an email.

Every time a move is played, SharpChess makes a backup of the current game named BackupGame.sharpchess, in the same directory as SharpChess2.exe. Please email me this, as it could contain useful information about the cause of the error.If you follow these guidelines, then I should be able to fix the bug for you, much faster. Many thanks Peter Hughes

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